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Annual Pierre Fauchard Academy ceremony honors leaders in dentistry

Dental school faculty and students among recipients

Each year, outstanding dentists are recognized by the Pierre Fauchard Academy through the West Virginia University School of Dentistry.

The Pierre Fauchard Academy explains the organization as:

The Pierre Fauchard Academy was organized in 1936.
The Academy is named after Pierre Fauchard of France (1678-1761), who is recognized as the "Father of Modern Dentistry" for raising dentistry to a profession.
The membership is made of dentists who are among the most outstanding leaders in various fields of dentistry. Fellowship is by invitation only and must have the approval of the Section in which the candidate resides or practices.

The most recent ceremony was to award two fellowships and honor individual students, faculty and alumni.

Dr. Hiba Qari and Dr. Kim Zaremba-Rabatin pose as new fellows in the Pierre Fauchard Academy.

Dr. Kimberly Zaremba-Rabatin is a clinical assistant professor at the dental school. She was one of two who installed into the local section of the academy. The periodontics faculty member has served as secretary/treasurer of the Pittsburgh Academy of Periodontics and as the president of the Fayette County Dental Society.

Dr. Hiba Qari, an oral pathologist, is part of the dental school’s diagnostics sciences department. The new Pierre Fauchard Academy fellow manages a biopsy service. Dr. Qari’s research and study in pathology makes her a dental school expert on reviewing biopsies and providing results for dentists and their patients. She is also a faculty member who was selected by a senior class as an outstanding educator.

Additionally, the ceremony for the academy’s West Virginia section included presentations to two dental students.

Michael Petrides received the dental certificate of merit. Makayla Gresham received the dental student award and scholarship. The acknowledgement of both Petrides and Gresham is for their outstanding and dedicated service to dentistry.


Left to Right: Dr. Michael Richardson, Dr. Hiba Qari, Dr. Anthony Camele, Dr. Kim Zaremba-Rabatin, Makayla Gresham, Michael Petrides
L-R: Dr. Michael Richardson, Dr. Hiba Qari, Dr. Anthony Camele, Dr. Kim Zaremba-Rabatin, Makayla Gresham, Michael Petrides

Dr. Anthony Camele, a faculty member in the dental school’s restorative dentistry department received the special appreciation award for his contributions to the profession and dental education.

Dr. Michael Richardson of Charleston, West Virginia received the academy’s distinguished dentist award. Sections bestow that award upon an outstanding dentist who has dedicated service to the profession in the local section. Dr. Richardson has spent many years with the West Virginia Dental Association where he currently serves as the state delegate to the American Dental Association.