WVU Health Sciences is committed to providing an attractive environment for patients, visitors, students, employees and other guests.

Recent upgrades to common spaces have included murals, artwork, and refreshed paint and flooring in many areas.

To maintain the environment for work and study, the Health Sciences Facilities Planning Committee has developed a set of guidelines for those furnishing common spaces, posting artwork, informational notices and signage, etc. The guidelines are posted online at: https://facilitiesmanagement.wvu.edu/hsc/common-area-guidelines . Unauthorized installations or postings will be removed by Facilities staff.

There is also guidance on the use of temporary holiday decorations. These guidelines are mostly related to fire safety and apply to all areas at Health Sciences: https://facilitiesmanagement.wvu.edu/hsc/holiday-guidelines

For further information, please contact Wendy Beaver, director of strategic initiatives in the Health Sciences Finance and business office, wendy.beaver@hsc.wvu.edu.