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The WVU School of Nursing remembers Delaney Wykle, BSN, Class of 2019

The WVU School of Nursing remembers Delaney Wykle, BSN, Class of 2019

On behalf of the WVU School of Nursing, I would like to send our sincerest sympathies to the Wykle family for the devastating loss of Delaney on July 4, 2019. 

While Delaney spent a short part of her life with the School of Nursing, she had a big impact on our faculty, staff and her fellow students with her dedication to the nursing profession.

Faculty Susan Pinto, who taught Delaney in Nursing 411, remembered her as a compassionate student. “She volunteered to come to the Bartlett Housing Solutions transitional facility for community service. She always interacted with the residents in a caring and non-judgmental way. She clearly enjoyed the experience and created helpful relationships with the individuals and families she visited. Delaney recognized the value of sitting with folks and listening to their stories. I always enjoyed having her as a volunteer.”

Faculty Stephanie Young, who taught Delaney in Nursing 211, which would have been her first clinical experience, said, “ I remember she always had a smile on her face regardless of what she was faced with for the day, which was usually, at that point, patient hygiene and toileting. She never balked at the duties and just seemed grateful for the opportunity to learn. She just genuinely seemed happy all the time. There was something about her that just stood out.”

Faculty Brad Phillips remembered the various nursing student events where Delaney was in attendance. “What I remember most about her is her bright smile and sincere kindness. When she smiled, she smiled with her whole face and anyone around her could see her love and joy for nursing. She genuinely loved all things nursing. Her entire class and faculty who knew her loved and adored her.”

These are just a few of the special memories we have of Delaney. We know she would have been a wonderful nurse who would make us all proud. She will be missed very much.

-Dean Tara Hulsey