The Issue

Addiction is a complex disease – and West Virginia is ground zero of the national epidemic. With the highest drug overdose fatality rates in the country, the impact on our state, our communities and families and our future, is nearly incalculable, but hope remains.

Understanding Addiction

Do you or a loved one need immediate assistance?


Through training and education, we can help change the future for those struggling with addiction. West Virginia University offers dedicated academic programs, addiction curricula in all five health schools and a range of training to active health professionals, first responders and others.

Providing Opportunities


Across West Virginia University, we are innovating solutions to the opioid epidemic and the ways it has impacted our state.

We are breaking new ground for treatment, prevention, educational and economic opportunities, and so much more. Addiction is a multi-faceted problem, but Mountaineers are rising to the challenge.

Through our efforts, we’re offering help and hope to thousands of families who have been affected.

Solving Problems with the R1 Edge


A study published in 2020 found 3 out of 4 people who experience addiction report being in recovery, and those in recovery were significantly more likely to have received substance use treatment.

Explore Treatment Options

WVU Behavioral Medicine and Psychiatry provides hope for patients dealing with a range of emotional and psychological issues, including substance use and addiction. Our programs provide a continuum of care through outpatient, partial hospitalization, inpatient and residential treatment services.


We’ve compiled a number of resources — here at West Virginia University, at the state level and on a national level — to help connect individuals to the information and services they need.

Providing Hope