Dean Coben, a student, and VP Clay Marsh pose for a photo

School of Public Health

It’s all been leading to this, grads.
On May 16, 2020 West Virginia University will hold Mountaineer Graduation Day – an online commencement experience for the Class of 2020 May graduates.

Congratulations Grads

As you graduate, the entire world now understands the importance of public health. The pandemic has amplified a core fundamental of public health: good health is not simply a matter of choice or a matter of genetics. Rather, it is impacted by the conditions in which people live, work and play, and you have made the choice to dedicate yourself to improving those conditions. Wherever your next step leads, continue following your dreams – never losing sight of the golden rule of life – and follow the path upstream to make your community, state and world a better place.

Let's Go.

WVU SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: A message from Sr. Associate Dean Linda Alexander

Meet the Grads

School of Public Health

A community-minded career in caring

"Public health offers the perfect combination of hands on community service and healthcare fulfillment."

School of Public Health

Helping patients avoid the need for care

"My time at WVU has been one pleasant surprise after the other. Everyone has been so pleasant to me. Going from dorms to apartments, going to football games, volleyball games, basketball games – it connects you to such a big community, it’s amazing. I like how much of a home it has become to me and I’ve found so many friends here."

School of Public Health

Public Health: Where art and science converge

"...The School of Public Health especially is like one happy family."

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