Operation Blue Sky

Evening of Science: Synergy Grants II

Note: All events have concluded. If you have any questions, get in contact.

Two brief presentations focused on synergy grant.

Presentations to include:

  • “Investigation of the tumor microenvironment of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma to enhance immunotherapy response”; PI: Raymond Raylman, PhD; Team: Tim Eubank, PhD, Brian Boone, MD, Slawek Lukomski, PhD, Benoit Driesschaert, PhD, and Mart Tseytlin, PhD
  • "Blocking short wavelength (blue) light exposure at night for hemorrhagic stroke patients in the NCCU”; PI: Randy Nelson, PhD; Team: Matthew Smith, MD, Nate Mohney, MD, James Walton, PhD and Courtney DeVries, PhD

The intent of Evening of Science is to identify collaborative opportunities around established areas of investigation and to help the teams think about opportunities beyond their initial scope of work.

Presented by the WVU Health Sciences Office of Research and Graduate Education and Operation Blue Sky.

Operation Blue Sky

Room 2940B (Room 2940B) - Health Sciences Center (North) (Registration Required)
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Room 2940B (Registration Required) - Registration is open and required.


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