Dismissal Appeal Process

HSTA Local Governing Boards (LGB) take their responsibility to students and the HSTA program seriously. When HSTA policy calls for the dismissal of a student, the student has the right to appeal to their regional LGB for reinstatement in the program. It is vital that the student make the most effective presentation possible during the appeal process. The following guidelines are designed to help the student make an appeal for reinstatement before the LGB.

  1. The student needs to make a written request for an appeal for reinstatement to the chair of the LGB within ten working days of receipt of the certified notification of dismissal.
  2. The student should present herself/himself in a respectful manner.
  3. The presentation should reflect thoughtfulness, careful preparation, and the professional goal to which the student aspires.
  4. The student should have a well-thought-out explanation for the problems s/he has encountered and take responsibility for her/his own actions.
  5. The student should have a plan to resolve the problem(s). The plan should be detailed and include defined goals, timetables for steps to be taken, a list of resources to be used, and alternatives if needed.
  6. The student must make an oral presentation of this plan to the LGB, and written copies should be made available for LGB members to review.
  7. If the student feels the use of audio-visual aids, such as a PowerPoint presentation or transparencies, will make her/his oral presentation more effective, s/he is welcome to use them. The use of such aids is neither expected nor required.
  8. Upon the completion of her/his presentation, the student must be prepared to answer questions from the LGB about any of the items listed above.
  9. The student should consult with her/his HSTA teacher and field site coordinator for review of her/his prepared presentation prior to her/his appearance before the LGB.
  10. The student will receive a written notice of the LGB's decision within seven days of the appeal.
  11. If the appeal is granted, the student will need to schedule a follow-up appearance with the LGB to report on the steps s/he has taken and the progress s/he has made.
  12. If the appeal is denied at the LGB level, the student has the right to appeal the LGB's decision at the HSTA Joint Governing Board (JGB) level. Information about the JGB appeals process will be included in the written document provided by the LGB at the time of the appeal denial.