Community Research Directions

  1. The Research Project PowerPoint Guide can be found on the HSTA Website.
  2. Project selections are on page76.
  3. Scoring (Score sheet can be found on pages 71-75.)
    • Teachers will give a point for each fully completed item.
      • There are 42 possible points from Contracts through procedures including reference slide
      • You must complete all 42 items to be approved.
    • At symposium, judges will give a point for each correctly completed content line.
      • To pass you will need to receive at least 20 out of 24 points.
  4. Deadlines
    • Follow deadlines given by our HSTA teacher and/or Field Site.
    • All approvals must be earned before or on Meeting #13. If you don’t have an approved project you will receive notification for non- compliance and will have 10 days to get an approved project OR be dismissed from the program.
    • To help judges at symposium, all symposium score sheets will have student name(s), school/region, and research question and/or title. CRAs will contact teachers to update research questions and/or titles two week before the first symposium.
    • Final Deadline
      • All presentations will need to be uploaded to REDCap by the last Friday of April (April 29, 2022). This will be the final presentation that you will present during symposia. Presentations will be pre-loaded for symposia; no changes can be made after April 29th.
      • Final Symposium Dates
        • May 7th Northern Symposium
          • Ohio/Marshall Mon/Marion BWRC
          • Eastern Panhandle MT HSTA
        • May 14th Southern Symposium
          • Kanawha
          • Raleigh
          • Boone
          • Cabell/Lincoln
          • Mingo/Logan
          • Greenbrier/Fayette
          • McDowell
          • Mercer
  5. Scheduling Issues for Symposium
    • We understand that sometimes circumstances arise that require special attention to students’ attendance.
    • If you have a conflict, please email your Field Site before April 15, 2022. This email should state why you have a conflict. The following circumstances are acceptable reasons for a schedule change:
      • Prom – If you have prom, you can request to present during the morning session.
      • College graduations – Students with immediate family members graduating may be excused.
      • Serious illness
      • Other valid reasons could include:
        • Funeral
        • Wedding
        • Other major family events