Community Research Project

HSTA Community Research Project

As a HSTA student, you are required to conduct a community research project that sets out to improve the wellbeing of your community. You will complete four projects over the course of your HSTA career. You may work in a group of three or less HSTA students (check with your Field Site to see if this is different for your region, but your group can be no bigger than three HSTA students). Your HSTA teacher, HSTA peers, and Community Research Associate (CRA) will help guide your projects.

Summary of Project Logistics:

  1. All 9th and 10th graders will select a project from the Statewide Survey Selection (Pages 189-198).
  2. All 11th and 12th graders can select their own community research topic and/or engage with a Statewide intervention project. All 11th and 12th graders must be approved by HSTA Teacher and CRA. All students will work during their club meetings to complete the project using Research Documents and the PowerPoint Guide.
  3. There are specific deadlines that you will need to follow. You will submit project information to your HSTA teacher for comments/score.
  4. Once you have an approved project from CRA and HSTA teacher you may start to collect data.
  5. During data collection, make sure to communicate with HSTA teacher, Field Site and CRA with updates and any problems.
  6. As you work on data analysis again make sure to communicate with updates and issues.
  7. Your final presentation must be submitted to REDCap the last Friday of April and then you will present at a symposium