Become an Affiliate

The WVU ICRC invites all individuals interested in injury prevention research, education or practice to join us as an affiliate member. We believe strongly in the power of collaboration, and we value the additional depth and breadth of expertise provided through active and engaged partnerships.

The mission of the WVU ICRC is to advance the science and practice of injury prevention through research, education, outreach, and service. The WVU ICRC is one of only ten injury control research centers supported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The WVU ICRC’s overarching aims are to:  1) advance scientific discovery in injury prevention and control; 2) improve capacity of injury field; 3) increase public awareness of morbidity and mortality associated with injury; and 4) strengthen injury prevention programs and policies. The ICRC strives to maintain a comprehensive injury research portfolio, process for translating research into preventive action and leadership in training and education. The research we support is intended to address national priorities for injury prevention and control informed by the topics and outcomes impacting West Virginia and the surrounding Appalachian region.

You can choose to become an Information Only Affiliate or an Active Affiliate.

Active Affiliates will be sent a monthly newsletter and will interact with the WVU ICRC through select education-, research- and/or service-based opportunities, if requested and when appropriate.

Information Only Affiliates will be sent a monthly newsletter containing information about upcoming grant opportunities, WVU ICRC events, news, and important publications, but will not be interacting with the WVU ICRC regularly through education-, research- and/or service-based opportunities. 

Please complete the following form to apply for affiliate status with the WVU ICRC.

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