Outreach Projects

Our commitment to service takes us into communities across the region. We work with partners to turn research into action - where it is needed most.

Mountain Safe

What Is It?

Mountain Safe is the community-focused outreach arm of the WVU Injury Control Research Center. This initiative is tasked with translating research into practice within communities across the region.

What Do They Do?

Mountain Safe works with community partners to identify injury-related challenges, provide evidence-based strategies to address these challenges, facilitate implementation, and support sustainability. Our goal is to support and empower partners as they build Mountain Safe Communities.

Who Works With Them?

Partnerships are essential to the work of Mountain Safe. We collaborate with various community partners such as: statewide groups, grassroots coalitions, local organizations, researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders to develop and implement projects that make a difference.

Current projects

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A photo of Mary Holleran.
Mary Holleran
West Virginia University
Deputy Director, Administration, WVU Injury Control Research Center