Pedestrian Safety

Dr. Daniel Shook serves as an expert in the field of pedestrian safety in the region, particularly focused in Monongalia County. WVU, located in Monongalia County, has increased the need for targeted pedestrian safety activities in the area. He provides technical assistance to municipal and county jurisdiction agencies to decrease pedestrian injuries by providing expertise on a variety of human, environmental, and policy strategies. Dr. Shook is a member of the Morgantown Safety Pedestrian Safety Advisory Board where he provides data and advises fellow Board members on evidence-based prevention strategies on the topic. He provides expertise to the Equity and Transportation Committee on improving pedestrian safety in underserved communities. Dr. Shook is currently consulting with WVU on technology-based recommendations to improve the safety of area crosswalks. Further projects involve his leadership with Morgantown’s Distracted Behavior Task Force in developing a consensus statement and evidence-based strategy to address challenges with distracted walking. Aside from working closely with these local agencies on a matter of importance for the area, Dr. Shook provides experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students to learn about public health practice through his work in pedestrian safety.