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Student-written oath of professionalism recited at WVU dental school clinic induction ceremony

Student-written oath of professionalism recited at WVU dental school clinic induction ceremony

The American Dental Association’s document on Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct is a “written expression of the obligations arising from the implied contract between the dental profession and society.” It encompasses sections on patient autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence, justice and veracity.

Similarly, the American Dental Hygiene Association’s (ADHA) Bylaws and Code of Ethics goes into great detail about the professional expectations of hygienists. In addition to the ADA sections listed above, the ADHA makes note of societal trust and responsibility hygienists have to clients, colleagues, employers, community, scientific investigation and the profession overall.

Each fall, West Virginia University School of Dentistry dental hygiene and doctor of dental surgery students who are in their third year of instruction mark the advancement from lecture and lab to direct patient care in an induction ceremony pledging their commitment to professionalism.

Oath of Professionalism

Following the 2022 development of the Mountaineer chapter of Student Professionalism and Ethics Association (SPEA) in Dentistry, members authored an oath that aligns with the ADA and ADHA values and is also specific WVU’s dental school. On  Friday, Aug. 25, 70 future oral healthcare providers recited:

I, as a member of the dental profession and the WVU School of Dentistry, pledge to dedicate myself to my patients, my community, and my profession. I will utilize the opportunities and privileges entrusted to me by my mentors, peers, and profession to be of service to patients, to be an outstanding citizen in the community, and to advance the profession. I will bring honor and integrity to the dental profession and support my colleagues. I will promote oral and comprehensive health for all of my patients. Throughout my career, I will unfailingly abide by the Principles of Ethics and the Professional Code of Conduct governing the field of dentistry. I will continue to value the efforts that have been made by my faculty, mentors, and fellow classmates to cultivate my professional and personal character as a dental clinician. After I commence from the WVU School of Dentistry, I will continue to impact the lives of my friends, colleagues, and mentors, because this profession is better through the strength of many rather than one. I will continue to be a lifelong learner and to hone my skills as a clinician striving for excellence as a healthcare professional. This white coat will be a symbol of my perseverance for the betterment of oral health, humility for continued growth, and integrity for the dental profession.

White coat ceremony

The clinic induction event includes the ceremonial donning of the white coat, a symbol of embarking on a career dedicated to oral healthcare and the wellness of others. It is considered a rite of passage when faculty members distribute the brilliant white lab coats embroidered with each student’s name.

In recent years, alumni and friends have supported the student providers by covering the cost of a white coat. Donors have the option to write a personal note of encouragement to be placed in the students’ white coats before the ceremony.

Click to watch the Class of 2025 white coat ceremony.
Click to browse photos from the Class of 2025 white coat ceremony. 

We are extremely grateful to the individuals and groups whose generosity provided for the white coats and helped make the induction ceremony a very special day for our students and their families. A list of supporters of the Class of 2025 clinic induction ceremony is below our student names. Please scroll down. A gift of $100 provides a white coat for one student. Interested donors can learn more at:!/donation/checkout


Dental Hygiene
Abigail Ash
Hayley Barritt
Kristen Blair
Brynn Davis
Grace Dempsey
Sidney Fix
Rebecca Good
Sofia Henline
Megan Hutcherson
Hannah Keener
Alia Mansour
Gillian Pierrard
Olivia Reagan
Cierra Satterfield
Caitlin Scott
Taylor Stotler
Emily Stricklin
Evelyn Tabb
Julian Jesse Tamakloe
Sophie Taylor
Kendra Wolford

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Taylor Abraham
Jarrah Al Ben Ali
Dalal Ali
Noah Auman
Trace Bennett
Malik Bourghli
Chance Brown
Josephine Burns
David Carvajal
Pooja Chaudhry
Alina Clark
Carson Cochran
Jason Collett
Noor Dahshan
Savannah Dervis
Jana El-Khatib
Peyton Faulkner
Anne Fox
Jonathan Gore
Autumn Gossard
Sydni Harris-Evans
Anna Hayton
Haider Jaffrey
Madison Jones
Harry Le
Kassidy Lemons
Stephanie Marnic
Hannah McGrew
Priyesha Modi
Sarah Momen
Caitlin Murphy
Anthony Nguyen
Alex Pampalone
Zachary Ransom
Garrett Robertson
Rachel Rutledge
Ashley Ruza
Simon Saba
Chance Shears
Edward Skonieczny
Avery Smith
Fanar Subhi
Skyler Terrell
Katelyn Tomlin
Mike Tomoroksa
Christine Truong
Anna Wilfong
Khadija Yousuf


Dr. Everett Bowling
Dr. Jerry Bouquot
Dr. Victor Canestraro
Drs. Greg Crews, Dallas Nibert, Nika Hettlinger
Margaret Epperly
M. Suann Gaydos
Dr. Lauren Godwin
Dr. Harold Goforth
Dr. Lora Graves and Dr. Bryan Dye
Donna Haid
Dr. Michael Hilleary
Dr. Daniel Joseph
Dr. Troy McGrew
Dr. Adam Myers
Dr. Moe Momen
Dr. Terry Norris
Dr. Stephen Pachuta
Dr. Diane Paletta
Drs. John and Valerie Perrine
Dr. Mike Richardson
Shady Spring Dental Care
Dr. Lorena Surber
Dr. Heather Taylor
Dr. Gerard Veltri
Dr. Louise Veselicky
Dr. Robert Wanker
Dr. and Mrs. S. Bryan Whitaker
Dr. Daniel Whyte
Dr. Chuck Wylie
Dr. Kim Zaremba-Rabatin
The West Virginia Section of the American College of Dentists
The West Virginia Section of the International College of Dentists