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WVU School of Nursing alumni use faith community nursing course to support Greenbrier County residents in need

WVU School of Nursing alumni use faith community nursing course to support Greenbrier County residents in need

Wellspring founders Fred and Scarlett Kellerman alongside WVU School of Nursing alums and current Wellspring directors Abby and Josiah Spangler. 

RUPERT, W.Va. — Two WVU Nursing alumni, husband and wife Abigail and Josiah Spangler, are working with Wellspring in Greenbrier County to fight poverty, leveraging their recently completed specialized training in faith community nursing.

Like much of West Virginia, residents of Greenbrier County face significant challenges related to poverty. Wellspring, a nonprofit organization established in 2004, strives to address these issues by providing essential services that help people meet their basic needs. The organization offers a safe space where residents can pick up groceries, hygiene items, connect to WiFi, and access additional resources. The goal is to expand the support being offered at Wellspring to include nurse-led access to care.

“Through our nursing education and professional experience, combined with the insights gained from the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course, we are well-prepared to advocate for our disadvantaged neighbors at the community level,” said Executive Director Abigail Spangler.

"The work that is happening at Wellspring is a wonderful example of how nurses can significantly support their rural communities," commented Dr. Angel Smothers, Associate Dean for Community Engagement and Director of the Faith Community Nursing Program at the WVU School of Nursing.

The Spanglers were able to complete the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course thanks to funding provided by a school of nursing alum, Natalie Bush. This gift was awarded via the WVU Foundation, the nonprofit organization that receives and administers private donations on behalf of the University. Additional scholarships are available for other Greenbrier County nurses interested in this all-online training.

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