Research Day at West Virginia University Health Sciences Charleston Campus and Charleston Area Medical Center was held on Tuesday April 17 at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences building in Charleston. The annual program continues to feature a collaborative effort of medical students, pharmacy students, nursing students and resident presentations with faculty, medical staff and professional staff preceptors.

The event is an opportunity to highlight the ongoing research in the CAMC and WVU Charleston campus community, and to discuss case reports and their role in the practice of medicine.

Research Day encourages principle investigators, preceptors, residents and students in their pursuits in the area of clinical research, and explores options for integrating new knowledge gained from research presentations into the clinical practice.

Congratulations to all involved on a great annual event dedicated to showcasing the wide variety of research on issues of major disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and global significance being done at West Virginia University Health Sciences Charleston Campus and Charleston Area Medical Center through poster sessions, presentations, and guest speakers.


Listed below are the winners of this year’s research day. 



Dr. Steven Jubelirer, Ali Farooq, MD, Jessica Rogers, DO, Martin Chadwell, DO, Mark Radow, MD
Case Report– Poster Session winners

Case - Poster Presentations

Honorable Mention - $100.00

Vaginal Ulcer; A Medical Mystery

Anne Roslonski, DO – OB/GYN, Preceptor – Stephen Bush, II, MD

3rd Place Tie - $150.00


Jessica Rogers, DO – Emergency Medicine, Preceptor – Michael Peterson, DO

3rd Place Tie - $150.00

The Mysteries of Multiple Myeloma: The Unsuspecting Patient

Martin Chadwell, DO – Family Medicine, Preceptor – Kathleen Bors, MD               

2nd Place - $250.00

Chylopericardium: A Rare Complication Following Cardiac Valve Replacement

Mark Radow, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor – Brandon Rose, DO                   

1st Place - $350.00

Evaluation and Management of Cardiac Prosthesis – Related Hemolytic Anemia

Ali Farooq, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor – Aravinda Nanjundappa, MD


Dr. Steven Jubelirer, Anthony Machi, med student, Zack AbuRahma, DO, Hunter Perrin,PharmD
Original Research – Poster Presentations

Original- Poster Presentations

Honorable Mention Tie - $100

Apixaban versus Warfarin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and Renal Dysfunction

Hunter Perrin, PharmD – Pharmacy, Preceptor- Lisa Robinson, PharmD

Utility of Obtaining Blood Cultures in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Exacerbation Patients

Malik Hamden, MD – Pediatrics, Preceptor- Kevin Maupin, MD

3rd Place - $150.00

The Incidence of Carotid in Stent Stenosis is Underestimated: Is It Equal or Greater than 50% or 80%           and it’s Clinical Implications

Zach AbuRahma, DO – Vascular Surgery, Preceptor – Ali AbuRahma, MD

2nd Place - $250.00

Outcome Comparison Following Laparoscopic Versus Open Surgical Placement of Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters

Anthony Machi – WVU School of Medicine, Preceptor – Alberi Mousa, MD

1st Place - $350.00

Type 1 Diabetes (T1DM): Is There Early Detection of Abnormal Left Ventricular Systolic Function in Pediatric Patients with Poorly Controlled Type 1 Diabetes

Salima Bhimani, MD – Pediatrics, Preceptor – Anjlee Patel, MD


Dr. Steven Jubelirer, Kellan Clark, DO,  Brandon Radow, MD, Daniel Howerton, DO
Case Report – Oral Presentations

Oral - Original Presentations

3rd Place Tie - $250.00

Opioid Use in Clostridium Difficile Infection is Associated with Severe Disease and Prolonged Hospitalization

Monica Chowdry, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor:  Kristen Helmick, MD

3rd Place Tie - $250.00

Resident Burnout: Does Surgical Training Cut Deeper?

Kevin Brown, DO – Urological Surgery, Preceptor:  Mary Emmett, PhD

2nd Place -  $350.00

Stumbled Upon Adrenal Masses: Must We Treat?

Jamie Olsen, DO - Urological Surgery, Preceptor:  Samuel Deem, DO

1st Place - $500.00

Acute Kidney Injury After out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest at CAMC

Prerna Sharma, MD – Internal Medicine, Preceptor:  William Carter, MD


Dr. Jubelirer, Prerna Sharna, MD, Jamie Olsen, DO, Kevin Brown, DO, Monica Chowdry, MD
Original Research – Oral Presentations

Oral - Case Presentations

Honorable Mention - $100.00

17 y/o Male with Gross Hematuria

Daniel Olsen, DO – Urological Surgery, Preceptor- Samuel Deem, DO

3rd Place - $150.00

Bowel Ischemia Associated with Angioedema, a Rare but Fatal Complication

Brandon Radow, MD – Surgery, Preceptor – Michael Elmore, MD

2nd Place - $250.00

Inguinal Herniation of a Transplant Kidney Ureter: A Rare Cause of Post-Transplant  Hydronephrosis

Kellan F. Clark, DO – Urological Surgery, Preceptor- Joshua Lohri, DO

1st Place - $350.00

Pediatric Extra- Gastrointestinal Manifestation of Celiac Disease

Daniel Howerton, DO – Emergency Medicine, Preceptor – Youmna Mousattat, MD