Mentoring Program

The Faculty Mentoring & Learning Partnership Program is for West Virginia University FACULTY only.

Access the Mentoring & Learning Partnership Program questionnaire to self-enroll.

Dear Colleagues:

I hope you will take ten minutes out of your busy schedule to complete the online faculty skills bank assessment tool.

This was developed to:

  • Learn about the skills of our faculty members.
  • Determine the faculty development needs in a more precise manner.
  • Identify mentors for specific skills. This would be different from the traditional mentoring role in that this would be short term for learning a specific skill OR it would consist of "ementoring" as faculty would help one another as learning partners.

Data on your skills and needs will be available to Faculty Development staff only. This information will be used as we develop programs that will benefit faculty.

If you agree to be a mentor for a specific skill, that information would be available to prospective mentees.

Again, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire. We look forward to developing more programs to address your needs.


Rashida Khakoo, M.D.
Assistant Vice President for Faculty Development