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Travel Medicine

Traveling abroad to new and exotic locations is on many people’s to-do lists. Advance preparation can ensure that your trip is a healthy, enjoyable experience. In addition to acquiring a passport, packing properly, and learning about the destination, it’s a good idea to make medical arrangements to safeguard your health.


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Travel Vaccinations

Related Services

  • Altitude sickness
  • Climate and cultural information
  • Crime prevention
  • Insect precautions
  • Jetlag reduction
  • Locating a physician abroad
  • Malaria medication
  • Motion sickness prevention
  • Review of chronic conditions and medications
  • Safety issues/travel advisories
  • Sun exposure precautions
  • Traveler’s diarrhea

What to Bring to Your Appointment

  • Completed travel questionnaire
  • Travel dates, itinerary, and type of accommodations
  • Past immunization records including tetanus, hepatitis B, past travel immunizations, and an international certificate of vaccination (if you have one)
  • List of allergies and any medications you are currently taking
  • Recommendations, if any, from travel agent or organization
  • Knowledge of any future international travel plan

Travel Medicine Resources

More Information

Travel health, or emporiatrics, is a branch of medicine that aims to prepare travelers for contact with foreign diseases. The WVU Medicine Travel Medicine Clinic, conveniently located by the WVU Recreation Center and PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), provides an in-depth assessment of any travel itinerary with specific health recommendations and on-site vaccinations. We can also address concerns such as traveler’s diarrhea, altitude illness, history of allergies and motion sickness.

Our clinic has International Society of Travel Medicine certified physicians to care for you and your family. Please try to schedule all appointments at least six weeks in advance to ensure adequate time to complete vaccinations. It is recommended that you review the CDC Travelers’ Health Website while planning for your excursion.

Travel Medicine Clinic visits start at $75 plus the costs of examination, lab services and vaccinations as indicated. Payment is required at the time of service by cash, check or credit/debit card. We do not bill private insurance, and the travel clinic is not a Medicare provider. Please keep all receipts for insurance reimbursement when applicable.

All physicians are ISTM (International Society of Travel Medicine) certified.