Waiver & Tuition Questions

HSTA Waiver Rules & Policies

The HSTA waiver was set up by the WV state legislature in 1996 and anyone who successfully completes all aspects of HSTA qualify to receive a tuition waiver from a WV state run public colleges.  There are some rules and restrictions so please see our HSTA waiver quick guide for all the details.

If you need your waiver applied or have any questions about the HSTA waiver  please contact the HSTA graduate coordinator Kas Kasten at kkasten@hsc.wvu.edu or 304-685-7912.

If I use my HSTA waiver for my undergraduate college degree, can I use it for graduate school?

Yes. You are provided with eight semesters of undergraduate tuition with the HSTA waiver, along with a waiver for graduate school. WVU currently offers a graduate HSTA waiver for degrees in the college of Health Sciences and some STEM+M majors, while Marshall University honors the graduate waiver for majors in health, science, or technology. Also, Concord University is now honoring the graduate waiver for a variety of majors.

Will my HSTA waiver expire if I take some time off school?

No, the HSTA waiver does not expire until students have completed 8 semesters of courses or a Bachelor's degree, whichever comes first.

Can I receive more than one 4-year undergraduate degree with my HSTA waiver if I have not completed all of my undergrad semesters?

No, HSTA waivers are good for eight undergraduate semesters or for the completion of a bachelor's degree. Students are not allowed to use the waiver for a second undergraduate degree but can use it for a graduate degree. The graduate degree waiver is a separate waiver you are entitled to as well as your undergraduate waiver. You get to use both.

What do I need to do to stay eligible for my HSTA waiver?

Students must be enrolled full time in a degree granting program while making satisfactory progress according to the college they attend. This includes maintaining the GPA that specific college requires for satisfactory progress. Students should ask their financial aid counselor about current GPA guidelines.

Here is a list of financial aid counselors for each University that process the HSTA Waiver Maintenance form.

Make sure you complete your HSTA waiver maintenance form every year.

Why didn't I receive my HSTA waiver this semester?

Here are some possible reasons: 

  • You have changed schools and did not inform the financial aid office.
  • Your name has changed.
  • Your GPA does not meet your schools' requirements for satisfactory progress.
  • You already have the HSTA waiver for 8 semesters of courses.
  • You have already met your financial aid limit.
  • You are not enrolled as a full-time student. If this is the case, call the HSTA office at 1-800-345-4267 for help.

How is my tuition waiver eligibility determined?

Once a student has successfully completed HSTA their information is sent to universities across the state, notifying admission offices that they are a HSTA scholar and are eligible for the HSTA waiver. Each University must follow certain rules to give out the waiver, including full time enrollment and the completion of their first bachelor's degree. These schools then have the right to add their own eligibility rules, such as a GPA requirement, and whether or not students can use the waiver for online and/or summer classes. HSTA has no control over the school's eligibility rules, but they must be followed to receive the HSTA waiver.

What happens if I lose waiver eligibility?

If a student is not currently eligible for a waiver due to grades, they may be able to retain their waiver when their GPA is brought back up to the school's requirements. If the student is not eligible because they are not enrolled, they will be able to use the waiver again when they are enrolled full time. Waivers do not expire unless the student has completed 8 semesters of courses or has graduated, whichever comes first.

What should I do if I transfer schools?

Students should contact the financial aid office at their new school and the HSTA college coordinator at kkasten@hsc.wvu.edu. By doing this, waivers can be transferred and applied to the student's account without any interruption.

What are fees at a college?

Every college charge fees for services they provide for all of their students as well as fees to help pay for certain facilities. These include lab fees, library fees, student fees, and athletic fees.

Why can't I use my waiver at schools out of state?

There is no money sent to any schools for your account. The HSTA waiver is an agreement by West Virginia state schools to waive the tuition or portion of costs of students who have successfully completed HSTA. This agreement is provided for by West Virginia state law, and WV state law has no jurisdiction over any schools in any other state.

Do private schools in WV accept the HSTA waiver?

No. Some private schools will give a small scholarship to HSTA students, but it is a much smaller amount than their tuition and fee costs.

What is the HSTA policy at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine?

The Osteopathic School No Longer Accepts the HSTA Waiver.