Summer Camp Rules and Reg.

HSTA Summer Camp Rules and Regulation

I, the HSTA Student, understand that the staff of the summer program strives to maintain a strong quality program.  I understand that I am expected to act appropriately - maintaining good and responsible behavior at all times.  I understand and agree to abide by all the HSTA Rules and Regulations, some of which are:


  1. I am required to submit all summer forms required of me to on time or I will not be allowed to attend.  
  2. I will be required to go home if I sustain an injury during the summer program that impacts my mobility.
  3. I am required to attend, participate, and be punctual for all classes, workshops, and other scheduled activities.  
  4. I am required to stay in the assigned residence hall.
  5. I will not damage or deface property.  If I do deface property, I will assume financial responsibility for the damaged items.
  6. I will not consume or possess any form of tobacco or nicotine delivery system, alcoholic beverage, or illegal drug.
  7. I will not take other's possessions without the owner's permission (stealing).
  8. I will not disrespect or disregard HSTA Staff, Mentors, Administrators, teachers or university faculty.
  9. I will not bring weapons of any kind to HSTA Summer Institute at any participating campus.
  10. I understand that females are not permitted in the male sleeping areas (i.e. rooms/floors) and males are not permitted in the female sleeping areas (i.e. rooms/floors).
  11. I agree to follow my school's 'Acceptable Computer/Internet Use' policy as well as the 'WVU Computer/Internet Use' policy for all HSTA activities.
  12. I agree to abide by the set HSTA Dress Code.
  13. I agree to follow safety guidelines and recommendations from the HSTA Instructor and teachers for all summer activities.
  14. I agree I will not be permitted to attend, or leave campus for, other programs or activities not related to HSTA while at the HSTA Summer Institute.
  15. I agree to follow all other rules and regulations implemented by HSTA.