WVU Graduate School Eligible Waiver Majors

WVU College of Health Sciences HSTA Graduate School Waiver eligible majors

• Audiology
• Biomedical Science
• Clinical and Translational Science
• Dentistry D.D.S
• Endodontics
• Health Sciences
• Medical Laboratory Sciences
• Medicine M. D.
• Medical Residency
• Nursing-Graduate and Professional*
• Occupational Therapy
• Pathologist’s Assistant
• Pharmacy
• Physician’s Assistant*
• Physical Therapy
• Public Health
• Speech Pathology

WVU HSTA Graduate Waiver eligible majors outside College of Health Sciences


Economics* (MA, PhD),(MS) Animal and Nutritional Sciences (MS) Plant and Soil
Sciences (MS) Genetics and Developmental Biology (MS, PhD), Biology (MS, PhD)
Chemistry (MS, PhD) Forensic and Investigative Science (MS) Geography (MA, PhD)
Geology (MS, PhD) Mathematics (MS, PhD) Physics (MS, PhD) Political Science (MA,
PhD) Psychology(PhD), Sociology (MS, PhD) Statistics (MS, PhD) Statistical and Data
Sciences (MPS) Computational Statistics (PhD) Engineering (all fields) (MS, PhD)
Computer Science (PhD)


Rehabilitation Counseling (MS) Counseling (MS) Clinical Mental Health Counseling*
(MS) Special Education (MA) Literacy Education (MA)
*major may have special circumstances or limited waivers available