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WVU Charleston / CAMC Research Day Winners

WVU Charleston / CAMC Research Day Winners

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The annual Research Day event for CAMC and WVU was held on Tuesday April 20, 2021 at the Auditorium at the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center Charleston Campus.

Research Day was initiated in 1980 and was preceded by a similar event entitled Alumni-Education Day. This event has traditionally been planned to showcase research work completed by medical students, pharmacy students, nursing students and residents.

This year’s program featured a collaborative effort of students and resident presentations with faculty/medical staff/professional staff preceptors.

Sponsored by Charleston Area Medical Center, CAMC Health Education and Research Institute, and the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia University’s Charleston Campus, the event offered original and case presentations from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm with awards being presented at the conclusion of this program for participants presenting student/resident research projects.

Due to COVID restrictions, this year’s event offered limited in person participation for oral and case presentations, with presenters and their PI/Faculty Sponsors/Program Directors and only those associated with the presentation attending. Others participated via a streamed link. All Poster Presentations were shared via separate Zoom invites for Original Research and Poster presentations.

Research Day gives medical students and residents the opportunity to describe ongoing research in the CAMC and WVU/Charleston medical community, discuss case reports and their role in the practice of medicine, encourage principle investigators/preceptors, residents, and students in their pursuits in the area of clinical research, and express options for integrating new knowledge gained from research presentations into the clinical practice.

The winners of this year’s Research Day are:

Case - Poster Presentations

3rd Place – Tied ($250.00 prize)

Hemorrhagic Conversion of Embolic Stroke in a Patient with Hemophilia B

Presenter: Paige McCaleb – WVU Medical Student

Preceptor: Anthony Toparis, DO

3rd Place – Tied ($250.00 prize)

A Rare Case of Guillain-Bare Syndrome Associated with COVID-19 Infection

Presenter: Jemma Rampersaud, MD – Family Medicine

Preceptor: Anthony Toparis, DO

2nd Place ($350.00 prize)

Lymphoma in Pregnancy

Presenter: Joseph Del Zotto, DO – Emergency Medicine

Preceptor: Taylor Simmerman, DO

1st Place ($500.00 prize)

Escitalopram Induced Angioedema

Presenter: Samantha L. Conde, MD – Psychiatry

Preceptor: Hani Nazha, MD

Original - Poster Presentations

Honorable Mention – Tied ($150.00 prize)

Patient No Shows: Identifying Factors Associated with Missed Appointments in a Primary Care Clinic

Presenter: Brandon Merritt, MD – Family Medicine

Preceptor: Mary Ann Maurer, DO

Honorable Mention – Tied ($150.00 prize)

Association Between Myocarditis and Mortality in COVID-19 Patients in a Large Registry

Presenter: Haytham Alkhaimy, MD – Cardiology Fellow

Preceptor: Mark Bates, MD

3rd Place – Tied ($250.00 prize)

Evaluating the Use of Stress-Dose Hydrocortisone in Critically Ill Patients with Septic Shock

Presenter: Samantha Maher, PharmD – Pharmacy

Preceptor: Brian Hodges, PharmD

3rd Place – Tied ($250.00 prize)

Transition of Oral Loop Diuretic Prior to Discharge from Acute Heart Failure Exacerbation Hospitalization

Presenter: Connor Digman, PharmD – Pharmacy

Preceptor: Michael Czupryn, PharmD

2nd Place ($350.00 prize)

Retrospective Survey Analysis Rezum Water Vaporization of the Prostate Assessing Sexual Function and Overall Satisfaction

Presenter: Rebecca Spinaris, DO – Urology

Preceptor: Nathan Hale, DO

1st Place ($500.00 prize)

Identifying an Optimal PSA for Utilization of Multiparametric MRI-prostate.

Presenter: Matthew Risendal, DO – Urology

Preceptor: Samuel Deem, DO

Oral - Original Presentations

Honorable Mention ($250.00 prize)

COVID-19 Essential Workers and the Risks We Face

Presenter: S. Kashif Mahmood, MD – Pulmonary Critical Care Fellow

Preceptor: Rayan Ihle, MD

3rd Place ($350.00 prize)

Perioperative Intravenous Lidocaine Versus Placebo and Effect on Recovery After Radical Cystectomy: Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial

Presenter: Michael Stencel, DO – Urology

Preceptor: Samuel Deem, DO

2nd Place ($500.00 prize)

Comparison between Finnegan Scores and East Sleep Console method for Detection and Management of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Amee Amin, MD – Pediatrics

Preceptor: Anjlee Patel, MD

1st Place ($750.00 prize)

The Detection of Fentanyl in Umbilical Cord Tissue

Presenter: Ryan Mitacek, MD - Pediatrics

Preceptor: Stefan Maxwell, MD

Oral - Case Presentations

Honorable Mention ($150.00 prize)

Compression Pancreatitis Secondary to Gastric Outlet Obstruction

Presenter: Ronald Gwinn, Medical Student – WVU

Preceptor: Shawn Chillag, MD

Honorable Mention ($150.00 prize)

Myeloid Sarcoma Presenting as Cervical Cancer

Presenter: Alex Poulsen, DO – Obstetrics & Gynecology

Preceptor: Stephen Bush, II, MD

3rd Place ($250.00 prize)

Diabetic Striatopathy: A Rare Movement Disorder in an Uncontrolled Diabetic Patient

Presenter: Julton Tomanguillo Chumbe, MD – Internal Medicine

Preceptor: James Campbell, II, MD

3rd Place ($250.00 prize)

Gordonia Polyisoprenivorans: From Old Tires to PICC Lines

Presenter: Katie Robinson, WVU Medical Student

Preceptor: Kathleen Bors, MD

2nd Place ($350.00 prize)

Incomplete Kawasaki Disease in a 2-Month Old Male Born to COVID-19 Mother

Presenter: Amy Davis, Medical Student WVU

Preceptor: Youma Mousattat, MD

1st Place ($500.00 prize)

The Transporter Technique

Presenter: Andrew Lee, MD – Vascular Surgery

Preceptor: Shadi Abu-Halimah, MD

Organizers of the events would like to extend thanks to:

The Research Day Planning Committee: Steve Jubelirer, MD, (Chair), Scott Dean, PhD, Mary Emmett, PhD, Dan Lucas, PharmD, Elaine Davis, EdD, BSN, Robin Rector, and Michael Whitler.

CAMC IRB: Chris Terpening, PhD, PharmD (CHAIR); Atul Singh, DO, Beth Emrick MD, David Gloss, MD, Deepay Mukerjee, MBA, Jennifer Gorrell, PharmD, Jessica Luzier, PhD, Melanie Whelan, PhD, Jessica Sop, 3DO, Christine Teague, PharmD, Hani Nazha, MD, Jerry Edwards, DO, Marciano B. Lee, MD, Mark Eickbush, MS, Rayan Ihle, MD, Sachin Bendre, MD, Sarah Rahman, MD, Stacie Deslich, MA, MS, Samuel Deem, Do, Stephen Bush, MD, Zachary AbuRahma, DO, Nancy Stark, BS

CAMC ISRB: Scott Fields, PhD (CHAIR), Anglee Patel, MD, MBA, James Campbell, MD, Karen Hannah, MBA, Mary Ann Maurer, DO, Patrick Kerr, PhD. Wesley Kafka, PharmD, Bryron Calhoun, MD, James Harman, MD, Nathan Hale, DO, Tiffany Lasky, DO

Judges/Moderators: Oral Original Research: Shadi Abu-Halimah, MD, William H. Carter, MD, Bryan Richmond, MD, Charles Schade, MD

Oral Case Reports: Heidi Edwards, MSN, RN, Scott Fields, PhD, James McJunkin, MD

Poster Original Research: Nancy Duvall, MS, RN, BC, Deepay Mukerjee, MBA, Brandon Rose, DO, Alice Gahbauer, PharmD

Poster Case Report: Jeff Mullen, DO, Elise Drake, PhD, Kelci Jones, PharmD

They also extend a special thank you to all preceptors, mentors, research associates, editors of abstracts, and reviewers of poster presentations that may have formally or informally assisted our learners with their research endeavors.

A stream of the day’s presentations is archived at