Writing Test Questions

Part 1


To develop test items that assess a student's achievement of the course objectives.


  1. To construct effective multiple-choice items.
  2. To explore various other forms of test items.

Part 2


Part 3


  • Do I write test items that determine if learning has taken place; if the students in my course have mastered the objectives?
  • Do I vary my test items to measure higher level learning?
  • Are my written exams a useful tool to assist in the evaluation of a student’s competence in a certain area?
  • Have I developed test items similar to those provided on the licensing exams in your discipline?


Examine the questions you have constructed on one or more of the written tests you have given previously. Evaluate the types of questions you have written for structure, clarity, and the level of learning evaluated by the question. Determine the degree to which your questions measure the attainment of course objectives. Re-write your test items based on what you have learned from this module.

Part 4

PowerPoint Presentation