Joint Governing Board

Sandra Pope-JGB President

The HSTA Joint Governing Board (JGB) manages the program by setting policy, developing program and procedural elements, and executing the legislative action that grants tuition waivers to HSTA graduates. The JGB includes representatives from HSTA’s local governing boards, the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, the West Virginia Board of Education, various STEM+M professions, and state colleges and universities. A minimum of 51% of JGB members must be volunteers from the HSTA regions.

All Joint Governing Board (JGB) and committee meetings are held quarterly. Anyone is welcome. 

Agendas, location information, and/or directions for connecting online are provided via e-mail to JGB members no later than the Friday before each meeting. All committee meetings and JGB meetings held remotely are conducted via Zoom.

Anyone that doesn't receive or wants to receive a copy of a JGB meeting agenda and/or information on how to attend a JGB meeting. Please contact the HSTA office at 304-293-8294.

2023-Joint Governing Board Dates