Interdisciplinary Education Apartment Simulation

Healthcare professionals’ consideration and planning makes a difference in their patients’ overall health and readmission rates. This virtual, one-hour Interdisciplinary Education Apartment Simulation (IDEAS) activity, recommended for clinical level learners, provides participants with a look at a patient in their home after they have been discharged from the hospital and allows them to network with fellow healthcare students. Developed by the Office of Interprofessional Education and the David and Jo Ann Shaw Center for Simulation Training and Education for Patient Safety, IDEAS gives learners the opportunity to work in teams with students of other disciplines to get a better picture of what patients need upon discharge.

During this simulation, students will get the chance to tour simulated patient’s apartment to get a feel for their home environment using a Double Robotics Telepresence Robot driven by the IPE team but controlled by the student team. The group will also get a chance to speak with the patient about the challenges of home life after discharge.


  1. Demonstrate knowledge about roles and responsibilities and team-based behaviors required for optimal home-based healthcare services delivery.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge and skills of interprofessional communication required for safe and effective patient transitions of care from inpatient to community settings. 
  3. Identify the components of Aging in Place, environmental safety and home modifications. 
  4. Participate in an authentic experience required to meet the healthcare needs of rural West Virginia communities.  
  5. Demonstrate interprofessional collaborative care to improve patient outcomes.


For more details or to sign up for IDEAS, submit the online form or contact Katie Hoffman. Upon request, participants may be eligible to receive community service hours and a certificate of completion.