Information Technology

Goal: To provide an overview of the process of creating effective and interactive instruction with the World Wide Web.

Sub Modules

  1. Adapting content - what to think about
  2. Using available technologies - SOLE, video, other
  3. Making it interactive - discussions, questions, games, other strategies


  1. Given mock educational materials or one's own materials, the learner will
    1. Convert existing documents to a web-readable format
      1. Use save as html... in Word and PowerPoint
      2. Save images as .jpg or .gif
      3. Enter test questions into question bank
    2. Formulate a framework (or product) for presenting information
      1. Evaluate SOLE's effectiveness for course content
      2. Or create a navigation structure in html
    3. Develop strategies for making content interactive
      1. Find creative use for discussion tools
      2. Insert questions at key points of content
      3. Develop open ended journaling exercises