Leadership in Education

Module Purpose

Leadership in education arises internally within each faculty member and institution, and is expressed externally through philosophical decisions about education, relationships with colleagues and students, and the approach to learning that governs the faculty/student experience across all disciplines.

Educational modules should address both the internal landscape that nurtures individual leadership and the external environment that is created from the expression of strong and innovative educational leadership. The logic of the TSP experience in this arena should take participants through the internal modules and into the external modules, so that the groundwork is laid for the best experience of the creative process called for in the external modules.

Program Objectives

  1. Assure that every participant recognizes his/her own leadership capacity and the internal nature of that capacity.
  2. Explore and develop individual leadership skills.
  3. Develop, from each of the scholars, creative initiatives that connect their leadership to the educational missions of the Institution.
  4. Develop collaborative thinking that will empower the group to enhance the educational missions of the Institution.

Module Plan

Within each module, the facilitators would have an active role in defining the Internal Leadership learning and assisting participants to discover and access their own best states of mind and thinking; then the facilitators would have a less proactive role as participants developed their ideas for how this would play out externally in their particular situations. To do this, they would work with the facilitators in groups or individually, possibly by addressing specific situations they brought to the program. The “work” would take place in Forums or through review of participant journals on the SOLE format.