What is HSTA?

Health Sciences & Technology Academy, known as HSTA, is a one-of-a-kind mentoring program in the state of West Virginia that helps participating high school students enter and succeed in STEM+M-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs. HSTA marshals the efforts of hundreds of mentors—teachers, community members, higher-education faculty and staff, and the HSTA participants themselves—through a framework that supports students facing social and financial challenges to obtaining a diploma and moving on to college.

  • 3439 high school students have graduated from HSTA, 1998-2023
  • 99% of HSTA graduates attend college
  • 87% graduate from college; 86% of these students graduate with a 4-year degree or better
  • 84% stay in West Virginia to work
  • On average, HSTA students earn $30,000 per year more than their parents
  • State Schools provide substantial tuition support through medical school and other advanced STEM+M-based degrees