Citi Training Directions

Appendix E CITI Training Directions

CITI training is Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative or CITI. It is a college
level ethics training that all researchers affiliated with a University or Institution
must complete before beginning any research. It teaches why we must have
training so that studies like Tuskegee, Willowbrook, or Nazi experiments never
occur again.

Everyone must complete the training during their freshmen year.
This training is good for four years.

Due December 1.

1. Google CITI Training Login – It will bring you to this page. If you don’t
know/have a username and password, click on Register.

2.Type in West Virginia University for the organization.

Click I agree to the Terms and Policy.

3.Click on I affirm... Then the Continue to...

4.Type in your information in the
red circle, then click on Continue
to Step 5

5.Fill in all the information in the red circle. Click on to Step 6.

6.Enter United States and Click to step 7

7. Fill in everything in red. Then click on to Step 8.

8. Fill in everything in red. Then click on to Step 9

9.There will be a list of questions. Click on the following courses:

10.Then scroll to the very bottom and click on “Submit”

11.Click the icon to start or continue your course. 

12.Click the down arrow on West Virginia University Courses. Then Click on each
course to complete it.

13.To add a course: You are on the Main Menu/My Courses. Click Add a
Course. Then the Questions will pop up again.